Fundición de esculturas de bronce

Flowers and plants

Bronze Flowers
Catalogue of bronze flowers created by Joseba San Martín
This category presents the catalogue of bronze flowers created by Joseba San Martín, which includes from realistic flowers to other in abstract style (Flopops). Sometimes they are real plants endowed with human or animal attributes while in other cases they are imaginary flowers that cannot be found in nature, that were imagined by the author growing in hostile environments as the succulents plants.
In any case, the result is beautiful and original. Ideal to create a comfortable and harmonious atmosphere that will enhance the personality of your salon or office.
The sculptures have been modeled and then cast into the lost wax to preserve all the details of the original model. Subsequently, they have been treated with different reagents and chemicals to achieve the tonalities and colors that are seen in the photographs. A hard way to achieve spectacular results.

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