Fundición de esculturas de bronce




My name is Joseba San Martin, and I am sculptor.

The sensations surrounding the author along the process to create a bronze sculpture  are special.  From the initial sketch to completion, the process is a reflection of our own lives. The excitement of the beginning gives way to doubts and technical difficulties, artisan work, errors, rectifications, corrections … and a permanent feeling of uncertainty until finishing the work. And the result can provide us with frustration, or with the great happiness for having achieved what we wanted to express, and to transmit to the beholder our innermost emotions.

Sculptures, like other forms of artistic expression, can be presented in different media and formats, all valid while serving the expressiveness of the author. For me, noble materials like stone, and especially bronze figures,  have a special attraction. So, 25 years ago, after studying in depth the “lost wax” casting techniques, I founded Bronzeder with the aim of developing and control the entire creative process in my work, from the modeling to the final casting  of the bronze figures, including finishing operations like the necessary chemical and phisical treatments to provide the surface of metal with different reflections and colors (patina) that reinforce the ideas that I want to convey to beholders.



Icarus is a mythological character that attracts me in a special way. It is well known the legend of this young man, who tried to fly to the sun with a pair of wings made of wax and feathers. But the sun melted the wax and Icarus fell into the sea, losing his life.

For many people  Icarus symbolizes the youthful recklessness, but for me he symbolizes the innate curiosity of people, the interest in learning. It reflects the spirit of perseverance and the effort to achieve our own dreams and aspirations, putting the ideals before the difficulties, even at risk of losing everything.




1- Bronze figures for decoration

1.- Because you appreciate art and beauty, and you want an exclusive decoration for your home. Or you want to give a different and beautiful present to people who really matter to you.

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2- Trophys and Anagrams

Because you are looking for an original and exclusive trophy, or for a bronze figure representing the logo of your company. Read more.






3- For Sculptors

Because you are a sculptor artist, who wants to see his work cast in bronze. Read more.






4- Sculpture Restoration.

Because you are responsible for preserving the look of your town, and you look for a company to restore its glory  to the bronze sculptures that decorate its squares. Read more.