Fundición de esculturas de bronce

Sculpture Restoration

The bronze sculptures last hundreds of years. If we review our artistic legacy, we realize the enormous amount of sculptures and bronze figures, made hundreds of years ago… that are filling our museums. Bronze is a noble material, ideal for the sculptures to be perpetuated in time.

However, when exposed to harsh environmental conditions, over time it may happen that the original patina is replaced by another, less attractive, which would correspond to the atmospheric conditions of the area where the sculpture is. In that case, the sculpture loses attraction for visitors.

Bronzeder, thanks to its long experience in casting and finishing of bronze sculptures, is well positioned to address restoration processes in any bronze sculpture. If the sculptures are easy to handle, restoration is done in our workshop, but if it is large and difficult to be moved, the repair work would be made “in situ”.

The basic restoration process comprising:

  • Surface cleaning
  • Repair of damage (if any). If necessary, faults are filled with bronze welded inserts.
  • Application of a new patina to restore the work to its original splendor.

Ask for a budget and we will contact you immediately.

Remark: For sculptures that cannot be moved to our shop in Vitoria (Spain), the “in-situ” restoration work is restricted to sculptures located at a maximum distance of 200 Km. from our premises. In any case, please send us your consult and we shall study it carefully.