Fundición de esculturas de bronce

Support to Sculptors

Support to sculptors


Casting bronze sculptures


Bronzeder has a wide experience working with premier sculptors who install their works in in towns and buildings, in national and international environments. But we also work with small artists, excited to see their sculptures cast by the most reliable technique (lost wax method) in one of the noblest materials available, bronze.

If you are a sculptor and you want to cast and finish in bronze any of your works, we shall draw molds from your sculpture, we shall cast it in bronze by the “lost wax” method, which provides the highest fidelity to the original and finally, if desired, we shall apply to the surface of the metal one of our patinas, to enhance the finished sculpture.

We have a very wide experience in the surface treatment of bronze, to change their natural tones by others that better fit with the message we want to convey. The different tonalities on the bronze surface are got  by etching the bronze with different chemicals and tempertature conditions.

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(Oon the left, you can see some pictures showing sculptures cast by Bronzeder).